Current Trip: Out West 2010

The trip: We’ve wanted to take some long camping trips with the girls, and this is our first trip longer than our 10 day trip to Michigan’s UP last summer. We’re bringing along our Trail Manor, a hard-sided pop-up camper that is loaded with a fridge, stove, and bathroom. We expect to do some shuffling with food as we move in and out of bear country, so we have two coolers with us as well. Our tow vehicle is a Honda Ridgeline. We’re keeping the blog for two reasons. First, it’s a nice way to share what we’re doing with any family or friends who want to follow us. Second, with such a long trip and numerous stops, we want to keep a good record of where we were and what worked (and didn’t). The girls are keeping written journals as we drive, and Mike and I will keep an online record of the trip.


On the Road . . . Finally!

Getting ready: Mike is still working off and on during the trip, so the front seat of the truck is loaded with computers, cords, and adapters. In the back seat, the girls share about 1 ½ of the space. The other section flips up, and Buster is settled there on the floor on top of an old couch cushion and a blanket. A non-tippable water bowl is next to him on the floor (under Elizabeth’s feet). Buster is with us because we didn’t want to leave him with someone for five weeks, and looking at our dog boarding options, there may only be occasional times when having him along impairs what we can see and do.

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