Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Today we were tourists of the highest level. We spent the whole day in Rothenberg ob der Tauber walking the streets, going in and out of little shops, and having no actual plan. We started by walking the walls of the city.

We all liked the cool snake hanging over the door on this home

Medieval watchmen were shorter than Mike; he did a lot of the walk kind of hunched over

A good example of the pulley hooks that could pull things up to the second story. Houses needed to have enough food stored to withstand a siege

When Rothenburg needed rebuilding after WWII, people or towns could contribute and have a plaque added to the outer walls; here we find our next stop — Wuppertal!

Mike and Julia found the Medieval Punishment Museum and spent some time in there.

Just looking at this chair would get some people to confess

Shame masks for people who talk to much

The Rack

The Iron Maiden with spikes inside

Shame masks for men who are pigs

They would lower this into the cold river to half drown someone into confessing

We all did some window shopping.

A lot of Lindor chocolate

It’s a Nimbus 2000

One of our former German students told us about her favorite German fast food, the Döner Kebab, so we tried those for dinner and gave them a thumbs-up. 

One of our former German students suggested we try a Döner Kebab; it was really good after a long day of walking!

We went back to the hotel for an early night.

Back at our guest house


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